Monday, January 17, 2011

movin, movin, movin

curve balls keep flying

the most recent one is an extra move in our near future
we have prayed for someone to care for nana and He answered, just not in our timing, not quite sure of the "urgency" however, it is what it is. why should i expect "normalcy" when life is never normal or easy. chris' aunt and uncle from indiana are moving down at the end of feb which means we are moving out. im just not going to be part of the circus if we were to stay til june-ish when our house is finished because life under one roof would look like = 6 adults (1 with alzheimer's & 1 hormonal pregnant mama), 2 toddlers, and 4-7 dogs... yeah no thank you. so the boys, dogs, and i are moving to hilton head to stay at my parents house, while chris stays in columbia to work and build our house. praying about with whom he should stay. thankfully we are going to be able to keep our stuff boxed up in the back bedrooms of our current house. so i can do a little at a time, without it cluttering my house.

i got a jump start today... i packed all 14 boxes that we got from publix, 3 trash bags of junk, 2 trash bags for His house, and i even cleaned my house. hopefully we will be picking up more boxes tomorrow (as long as they dont throw my saved boxes away as they did on sunday) so that more packing to be done!

by the end of the summer, when we move into our first real house all by ourselves, it will be my 32nd house to live in! crazy huh if you dont believe me i can list them all for you


Brad and Tara said...

I know you have moved ALOT, I had no idea is has been 32 times. If we aren't in Ethiopia at the end of March, we will see you in HH!!!