Wednesday, July 28, 2010

most precious words

yesterday i was looking at an adoption agency's website, as that is the avenue that we are traveling down, researching, reading, and praying through as we pay off debt (hopefully by next tax return in Jan). needless to say there was a picture of a child on the computer, which i had left open and when i went to put the computer away and click out of the internet these are the sweetest words that fell upon my ears...

NO NO Mama... thats MY baby girl! he just wanted to stare at the picture of the child.

Eli loves the little girl on my header... and quite frequently tells me... i want that baby girl at me house, she needs a bath, clean clothes and water!

so our tentative plan is to go to Uganda and Kenya for a month (the boys and i for a month and Chris for 2 weeks)... i think E will be one sad little boy to not bring home his one, two, three baby girls as he often tells me when he sees an airplane (on his own without coaxing from me).

Lord my prayer and hearts cry is that You will make a way to help us diminish our debt and move forward with the adoption process!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


ok so hear me out... i am NO salesperson... not going to try to be one cause its not in my blood and never will be. i cant lie and am not going to start trying now (making my mama proud)

needless to say i feel like i have something to offer that will be helpful to many of you... its a product called isagenix. before you turn me off and skip reading the rest... please dont. just hear me out for the mere fact that im stepping out of my comfort zone and taking a risk by telling you.

our bodies are toxic... much of we put on and in our bodies are not good for us. toxins cling to fat cells and enlarge them... cleansing them from our bodies helps us feel better on the inside and out.

my dad is doing the weight loss program (two shakes a day) and lost 45 lbs, 30 in, and 2 suit sizes. smallest he has been since i was really young. im so proud of him for taking control of his health

my brother is doing the athlete route and it is helping him as he is trying to bulk up (some weird stomach issue at school has made him go down to 140 at 6 ft tall... a string bean)

my mom and i are doing the total health and wellness program and have both lost more than 10 lbs each and at least a pants size.

chris is doing the mars formula... created by the author of men are from mars women are from venus. it helps with stress and overall balance physically, mentally, and emotionally.

it tastes delicious. its simple. and it doesnt leave you hungry. even the boys both asks for shakes everyday!

here is a little video to share from the experts about these products. if you are interested please let me know so i can share more~