Monday, February 20, 2006

Before and After

The deal was I had to wait until after the wedding to chop my hair off... so I waited all of 5 days until I made the real change! Hey I figured I was a different person, all married now, might as well not look like I was still in high school! So here are two pictures to show you the 12 inch change in my style!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Baby in the Family

As you can see... we have a baby! Blair is definately part of the family as she even takes up half the bed, leaving Chris and I to sleep on either edge! I could not have put all these stories and pictures on here without mentioning the other member of our family! She is actually sitting right here pawing at me as I am writing this. We enjoy spending time with her in the park on pretty days and she loves it when she gets to ride in the back of Daddy's truck!



Well our first Christmas had to be done right! Choosing our favorite traditions from our own families and then adapting them for family together. The tradition of cutting down our Christmas tree came from my childhood. We really enjoyed our time together, but if you know anything about us you will know one thing... WE ARE OPPOSITE IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE! So as you can imagine it was interesting to say the least to choose what kind of tree, what size of tree, and then finally compromising on the tree we were to take home. Honestly we did pretty well compromising! We had a blast shopping for Christmas decor and spending the evening together putting on the ornaments and drinking hot chocolate! Posted by Picasa