Thursday, January 06, 2011

dr trips

this is how we spent our days this week... at the dr and in the hospital

we are all really sick. im not one to complain, but i have not felt this miserable in i cant tell you how long, if ever. we have the croup coupled with nasty coughs, fevers, body aches, chills, sore throats, sore ears, and the nastiest congestion ever.

we could use some prayer. the boys are on pain relievers and steroids, chris is taking a steroid inhalor and musinex, and i just get to take tylenol and water! its supposed to last 5-7 days for the boys... chris is on day 5, levi day 3, eli day 1 and the dr today told me it will be well over a week before i feel better.

it was such a blessing to have our friend Josh as our dr today. a bright surprise, comfort, and encouragement. we got tip top care. he checked on us a whole bunch more than normal er visits.

so thankful that Chris was able to stay home from work so i could sleep while the boys kept coming to snuggle and nap all throughout the day. not to mention that we slept pretty much the whole morning at the hospital.

thanks for your prayers


Tracy said...

praying you and yours feel better. Thank just stinks --- big time!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hate to hear you guys are going through this, but glad to hear you know what it is now and are getting help. I've not known anyone to have H1N1. I'll pray for your family's health!