Saturday, January 08, 2011


Pine Street will soon... well not so soon... be our new place of residence. i say no SO soon because we just found out this week that due to some silly paperwork and hearing with the city of columbia we have to turn in some paperwork that only gets approved once a month so we will have to wait until after our hearing on feb 10th to move forward with the next step... but until then we are clearing the lot, getting sewer, and praying that the water tap they found today will work which would save us a bunch of mula! so happy to say that we got the price of our lot down 50% of asking price!

p.s. for those of you who know we are sick... we were there for 15 min ONLY because we had promised Eli for a few weeks that he could ride the backhoe and he asks us everyday! so i was the super awesome mama who bundled her kids up drove 1/2 hour each way so that my boy could have his backhoe day... had to bribe him with chick-fil-a (drive through people no i didnt infect anyone) to stop the tears of not being on the backhoes working with daddy all day! back to the couch we all sit and recover and rest!