Saturday, August 04, 2007


This week has been one I would like to forget... however it has been life changing. I have had contractions pretty regularly for a week and finally went to the dr on Wednesday because they became pretty strong and frequent. They checked me and I am not dilating, however I did have 7 contractions while I was hooked up to the monitor. The baby was not in any stress during my contractions which is a huge praise. They gave me a shot of brethine to help relax my stomach and hopefully stop the contractions. It has not taken them away by any means, so I have been taking a pill to help keep them under control. Being only 27 weeks, our little Sweetpea needs to cook a little longer before joining us in this crazy world we live in. So please pray with us that everything will be ok and that Sweetpea can make it til sometime in October!

On Wednesday after speaking with a nurse and the Doctor on-call I realized it was in the best interest of Sweetpea and me that I drive to my obgyn's office in Columbia. It was pretty scary because I had to go by myself because Christopher was having a very important meeting at work. His Mom came to my appointment instead, which was a huge relief, because I did not want to be alone. After having a miscarriage in December my mind always thinks the worst, even though the baby has been moving up a storm. Well at the same time I was hooked up to the monitor, Christopher was being laid off from work. The same job that brought us up to Charlotte in the first place (just 6 weeks ago). It is a HUGE mess... and very interwoven with the Church we are involved in so its a very sticky situation. You can be praying that he finds another job quickly and that we can get our old insurance back, because its hard as crap to get insurance being pregnant, especially this far along! Please pray for the relationships that are involved as it has torn friendships apart.

Life has been a roller-coaster over the last 2 years... many surgeries, broken bones, living in different cities/countries, job changes, location changes, miscarriage and new baby, etc. Despite the heartache and stress... I have peace that God is still in control! We appreciate all of your prayers!