Monday, January 24, 2011


tears tears and more tears have been shed over the weekend as one of my best friends was due just two days after me... and at 12 weeks lost her baby. it has hit me so hard. i cried myself to sleep on saturday night. i am broken-hearted for her as she lost of her precious baby. so incredibly sad that she has to face the death of her tiny baby and the difficulty, heartache, and grieving process that she will be facing in the coming days, weeks, years. it hurts so bad that my baby will be a constant reminder of pain and i hate that it will obviously be awkward and difficult to walk out a friendship for some time.

it makes me very scared and nervous about the life of my little one. the books say that 12 weeks is the breath of fresh air cause you are "out of the danger zone and in the clear" but clearly that is not always the case.

a blog friend, Raechel, posted an amazing post yesterday as it was national sanctity of human life day it is totally worth reading and exactly what i needed to be reminded of yesterday..."to give thanks to the One Who shapes each of us as He sees fit to carry out His perfect will."


EnglishProf said...

praying for you, dearheart. and your little one. and for your friend...i can't imagine the pain. but don't forget Who's growing your little ones now. let Him hold your heart today.