Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Swaziland (a little tiny country in South Africa) used to have a population of 1.3 million people now it only has 850,000 due to the AIDS epidemic and of that 130,000 are orphaned and of that, the average age of care takers is 11 years old, and of the 130,000 orphans only 600 of children are in an actual orphanage. wow and i am just sitting comfortably on my couch. this is just one tiny place in the whole spectrum of the world. i really desire to be hugging on orphans, like this sweet girl who is an orphan because her mother died of AIDS!


Since our Little Man has decided he does NOT want to be a baby anymore... we got him a new big boy carseat (actually my birthday present from Chris' family... see I told you I am as practical as they come). After doing much research I found that the britax carseats are the best, but they are super expensive, however the week of my birthday is a HUGE sale... so I got a $230 carseat for $120! We picked the cow print (or as some call it the chick-fil-a print) because Eli loves to "mooo" like a cow! If we mooo at him he just giggles and often will do it right back at us. It is super cute! I can't believe how fast he has grown up...

My Big Boy

Well after 3 months of being a co-sleeping baby and 2 months of sleeping in a craddle we broke down and bought Eli a crib to go with the super cute safari bedding my parents bought for us a while back. Since we have moved so many times in the last year we never had a nursery set up for him. For valentines day Chris bought me paint... I'm super practical so it was the best gift... and I had the room painted that week. Sunday night was his first time in his "big boy bed" and he did wonderfully. I did not sleep well... waiting up for him to cry, but he never did, slept right through the night!