Wednesday, January 05, 2011

giving in

to peer pressure... well sorta... since there is NO reason to look back at the last year, because when I do I normally see the bad stuff instead of the amazing thing... instead I am going to look ahead to the year to come. I re-read the book "Don't Waste My Life" by Piper the other night. what an encouragement, especially on the topic of looking ahead, setting goals, and putting it in writing for more accountability.

so without further ado... my goals & passions of 2011 in random order
- daily, deeper communication with Christ
(i could stop there because thats all that really matters)

-be involved in something to do with orphans in Africa (if you have any suggestions please let me know)

- advocate for adoption

- begin the adoption process

- reach out to my new neighbors (come april)

- build relationship with a lady from Egypt i met in chickfila

- involvement in church

- looking forward to getting off the waiting list for Community Bible Study (in depth study of the Word)

- prayerfully gain more patience for Eli

- be less critical of Chris

- spend more one on one time with Levi

- learn to let the recurrent family drama of cutting words go in one ear and out the other

- read more tv less

- 1 hour or less of comp time (only if i am in the Word first)

- stay organized (esp in new house... everything needs to have a place... be thorough in downsizing)

-more structured learning for Eli

-learn to knit

- continue my creative cooking

- coupon and budget WELL!!! SNOWBALL our debt away!!!!