Tuesday, March 28, 2006


God really has a sense of humor... NEVER say NEVER to God because it WILL come true! When my family traveled from South Africa to Kenya I said I hated Zambia, obviously hate is a very strong word. It was very dirty, poor, a little scary, and honestly I missed clean or at least reasonably clean bathrooms. Now that I have learned to love squattie potties Zambia does not scare me so much. As I finish up my Inter-Cultural Studies degree at Columbia International University, I am required to go on a 6 week internship. Originally I was planning on going to Chad, but God closed that door. God has opened a window of opprotunity for me to go to Zambia. I will be doing community development, chronological Bible storying, HIV awareness, and much more during my summer amongst the Zambian farms. Please keep me in your prayers as I continue to work out all of the details. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Weekend Adventures


After much prayer and searching, we have decided upon attending the Huntersville Vineyard Church (just north of Charlotte). Chris plays drums or base in the band and we have both made some amazing friendships along with reuniting with old friends. The Lord really pressed upon our hearts to make the sacrifice of getting up earlier and spending the extra gas tank of money in order to worship Him with this body of believers. This is a picture from New Years... and its obvious that we are having a lot of fun at the best New Years Party in Huntersville English Style Posted by Picasa