Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Baby Bump

Here is my baby bump at 13 weeks! I am officially somewhere between my regular clothes and maternity clothes because my pants will not button anymore, yet maternity clothes are still way too big! It is a bit frustrating trying to be creative on what to wear... because honestly nothing is comfortable anymore! I am trying to embrace the fact that my belly is getting bigger... I keep reminding myself that it is for a wonderful reason! Little Sweet Pea about 3-4 inches right now... the size of a good Carolina Peach (like those we will not be tasting much of this summer since we had a good freeze a couple weeks ago that killed most of the crop).

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Last Thursday Chris and I went to the Doctor and were able to hear our little baby's heart beating! It took a little effort in finding it because the baby was swimming all over and would not sit still long enough to find it... so we heard it is short incerments! It was very serreal! After moments like that I do not understand why some have so convinced themselves that it is a fetus instead of acknowledging that it is a living little baby! Although we have the ultra sound picture to see our little one... it was from over a month ago and so much has changed. It makes me sad that we will not get another ultra sound picture until June... I keep reminding myselft that it will be worth the wait! For those of you who are wondering... yes I have a baby bump going on! My clothes are rarely button and sometimes hardly zipped... however thank goodness for belly bands that will hold my clothes up and cover up the fact that I am not all the way put together. I will show yall a picture soon since I have now reached the end of my 1st trimester!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Plum vs. Meatball

I am now 12 weeks or 3 months however you
want to look at it! Little Sweet Pea has now grown to
be about 2 inches however the description of its size
is under debate. I work with an autistic guy named
Timbo who does not like plums so he says the baby is
the size of a meatball. I figured I would honorhim by
putting a meatball on my blog...the ironic thingis I am
Scandanavian, so I figured the Sweedish meatball
would be best.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Week 10

While strawberry picking yesterday with Christen, I remembered that little Sweet Pea is about the size of the strawberry I am holding. It is pretty amazing to me just how fast our little one is growing inside and astounding to think that God has His hand on every little growth and development that is taking place! I am blessed to know the Creator and look forward to holding the baby He created just for us! 10 weeks down 30 weeks to go!