Monday, December 01, 2008

Not Me! Monday

So most of the participants of Not Me! Monday can't wait until midnight when it first turns from Sunday to Monday... well this Mama is up late tonight, with my Sweet little man sleeping next to me, as I am listening to Chris Rice, and as we have kicked Chris out of bed as we will be up every 3 hours tonight for medicine. So here goes my Not Me! Monday... if you want to read the founder of this wonderful therapeutic humor visit MckMama's blog for all the rules to join in or others to read!

I am most certainly not a selfish person who complained about not having any "MY" time today as my excuse to get on the computer to blog...even though I visited with a dear friend from Philly sipping starbucks coffee and enjoying our sweet little men!

I would never let Eli eat 1/2 of a bag of baby carrots in one evening!

We definitely did not lose the tv remote at the mountain house we stayed at last week... and if we did we did not search high and low and in every nook and cranny for well over 2 hours... even searching through all of the nasty thanksgiving trash (you know the oh so nasty turkey parts that some of my family members like to eat)... still to no avail.

I did not set up Eli's pack-n-play in the laundry room of the very large, three story, log cabin, that sleeps 10 comfortably, because that would be crazy (hey it was the only dark room as non of the bedrooms had curtains... you know you are in the boonies when there are no curtains to be found)

This did NOT just happen to me as i wrote my Not Me! Monday...

Eli did not just wake up and want to nurse... then throw up the antibiotic i gave him before bed, along with dinner! i did not gag so much that i had to run to the toilet praying i would not lose my dinner too! i did not see bono gagging as he sat on the edge of my bed as i cleaned up the floor. no this is NOT HOW MY MONDAY OFFICIALLY ENDED... off to bed and praying for an uneventful night!