Monday, December 08, 2008

Not Me! Monday

today is the beginning of yet another wonderful winter week, oh so please do NOT tell me because i live in SC, i do not know about real winters! i know, but it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

even though monday's are most people's least favorite weeks, but for me, a stay at home mom, i actually like them... but that is all due to the fact that i am most certainly NOT addicted to Mckmama's blog! join in on the fun and go read her Not Me! Monday stories

the stories below are most definitely fictional and would NOT be anything that really happened in our house this past week!

i am absolutely NOT hormonal in any way shape or form... so these things did NOT actually happen, they are just a figment of your imagination!

i did NOT cry during the song Christmas shoes, by newsong! NOR did i just bawl my eyes out watching the video on youtube as i write this!

i did NOT cry watching pursuit of happiness last night, while cutting out coupons on the living room floor!

i did NOT get so worried about Chris being late, that when he got home, while i was in the shower, that i jumped out soaking wet, holding Eli and obviously carrying our little pumpkin, just to make my point (in an angry and NOT so loving way) that he needs to call if he is going to be late!

Eli absolutely did NOT urinate on his bedroom floor, after a shower, and say uh-oh!

Eli is always so wonderful and quiet on car rides, so it was NOT him who screamed all the way (1 1/2 hours) home from Charlotte, after a long day of Christmas shopping with all the ladies in the family!

Chris did NOT contemplate building a stand for the Christmas tree, so that its off the ground and Eli nor the dogs would be able to reach it! We would NOT need to do that, because our son does NOT get into EVERYTHING!

Eli has NOT woken me up many nights this week from the 3-5am time frame... no, because he is a fantastic sleeper... or should i say he used to be a fantastic sleeper?

i did NOT nurse Eli, while carrying him in a sling, walking through walmart, hoping that they would come stop me, like they did with another nursing mom and force her to go to a dressing room! she did NOT get so mad that she went to WIS tv station and reported the incident to walmart headquarters, because according to the state of SC a mother is allowed to nurse in public! i was NOT testing out my pregnancy hormones, just waiting for someone to stop me! nope NOT ME!

oh and please do NOT let anyone tell you that i actually edited this post about 5 times! NOR am i pretending that Eli does NOT have his 3rd poopy diaper for the day and that i just want to finish this post!

now its your turn, since i was so brutally honest, to share your stories of what did NOT happen in your house this week!


Keyona said...

Too funny!

Dee said...

I live in SC too! Where are you from?