Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me! Monday

according to

it does a mama good to admit that we are imperfect! if you would like to join in on the fun, and i strongly encourage you to do so, please read the detailed instructions here!

~ i would never neglegect to clean my house, leave the dishes over night, or even leave 4 loads of clean laundry unfolded on the love-seat in our bedroom, because that would be discusting... nope Not Me!

~ i would not put eli down for the night fully clothed without even changing his diaper, just because he fell asleep at the Christmas play we went to see on Sunday night called: This Man Called Jesus (at Lexington Baptist Church... its amazing!)... nope thats Not Me! either

~ while under lock down for 2 hours at Barnes and Noble (yes, LOCK DOWN, because there was an armed gunman robbing a store next door and was on the loose before the cops showed up, so they kept us safe and sound inside the building so they could search high and low for the man... to no avail!) i most certainly did NOT allow eli to pull all these toys and books off the shelves, even after a worker gave me the most annoyed look on her face... hey at least my son was not screaming! (and besides the fact i did put them all away where they belonged)... nope, it is Not Me! who is ok with messes

~ speaking of messes and clanging noises, its Not Me! who is allowing eli to make a mess to my newly cleaned house by spreading all the extra coupons i did not use and all my pots and pans and granola bars all over the floor... nope Not at our house

this is all fictional and would never be depicting the reality of the Steyne household...