Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me! Monday

ok so i am totally not writing my Not Me! Monday on Tuesday night... and of course i would never change the "publish" date so that it says i posted this post on Monday! so join in on all of the fun, and since its been a little hectic with the holidays rolling just around the corner... my Not Me! Monday is coming a little late (but only those of you who actually keep up with my blog will know the truth)!

to follow MckMama and all her friends who also participate in Not Me! Monday's please hop over to her blog and get ready laugh along!

today i most certainly did not tear up at the mere embarrassment of Eli's first true public temper-tantrum! lets just say you could hear him screaming for 10+ minute clear across the room and nothing would distract him or calm him down until this elderly man, who looked like he could have been homeless, came over and started talking to him... that was not us in kroger today!

oh i forgot to post this one a few weeks ago... but i totally did not reach in the back seat to give Eli something just to hit a curb (of course those HUGE ones that jump right out in front of you) right where the drain is located... all to dent my rim so bad that it immediately deflated my tire... oh all on the way to the pediatrician office... that was not me who hit the drain and then drove around on my doughnut for a few days acting like nothing was wrong... oh and i definitely would not have gone to franks car wash with a doughnut on my car!

i am not craving meat so much that i wake up wanting it, dreaming about hamburgers, nor eating a package of turkey bacon within 3 days... nope not me!

i did not just send my Christmas cards out yesterday, i mean today (it being Monday and all), nor did we just take the family picture this past weekend. nope its not me who is behind!

oh and dont let Joanne tell you that i found a thank you card that i wrote her right after Eli was born, but just gave it to her the other day... that was not me!