Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me! Monday

I am addicted to reading MckMama's blog "My Charming Kids", you know MckMiracle baby Stellan! She has this "therapeutic" way of introducing Mondays into the world by being oh so brutally honest! She calls it Not Me! Monday. It always makes my day to hear her stories and after the Monday I am having today... I decided it was not fair to just enjoy her honesty, but to have some therapeutic blogging time for myself and officially begin my Not Me! Monday

To be honest I have surely I have not allowed Eli to play to his little heart's content with snot running down his face, because I was tired of wiping it for the millionth time today... nor have I wiped it with my shirt sleeve and keep on going like I used a tissue.

I definitely did not allow Eli to carry around a bag of baby carrots in his mouth because the cold carrots felt good on his poor little mouth that is cutting 8 teeth at one time. No that would have been dangerous because he could have bitten into the plastic.

Of course it was not me who allowed Eli to walk around our house buck naked as I cleaned the bathtub for his bath... no because that would not have been smart.

After looking high and low, in all the stack of papers in the office, in the car, on the counter, I did not ask Eli where my drivers license was like he would respond.

I most certainly did not eat chips with french onion dip more than once this week before 9am... even being pregnant that would be disgusting!

Nope absolutely none of these things happened in our house this past week!!!