Friday, September 05, 2008

zoo trip



I have known Sarah and Emily since middle school. It was fun to get together and have some mommy time as we walked around the zoo with our little ones. It has been a blessing to be able to share mommy-hood and stories with old friends. Here are a few pictures from our hot and humid morning adventures! Hopefully Eli will get a zoo pass for his 1st birthday, which is a little over a month away, however, on the flip side it is hard for me to really enjoy the zoo after living 30 minutes from a HUGE game reserve in South Africa. We would go on day trips and safari as often as we could, so I am warped by my natural experiences. Oh well this is the best I can do while living in SC... I can't wait to share the memories of going on safari with Christopher and Eli! One day soon I pray we will be on African soil...


The Traynums said...

We had so much fun...can't wait to go back!