Tuesday, September 16, 2008

conductor overalls

life is broken down into chapters and coming to the end of one and the begining of the next can be bitter-sweet... i have come to the realization that the "baby" chapter has come to an end and we are begging the toddling stage. eli is so independent and determined to figure everything out and just how it works. he gained the courage over the weekend to walk more times than he crawls, which makes his adventures endless. please dont remind me that my sweet baby is turning one in merely a few weeks.

chris had a pair of conductor overalls, which was his dads favorite outfit... so Pops bought eli a pair too! so here are a few pictures of our little man

he sure loves auntie jenni (i know 2nd cousin, but its a south african thing to call people auntie)

so as i was capturing eli enjoying the pretty day, the green south carolina grass, and the warm sunshine blair started growling (mind you we... chris, cousin jenni, blair, bono, eli and myself were all in the back yard) so we walked over to blair and found this copperhead stuck in the mesh fence pop pop put up to keep the deer from eating our garden. chris pulled out the shotgun and took the head off! WAY TO GO DADDY!

those of you coming to eli's birthday party... this isnt to scare you off... we are blessed by having lots of land surrounding us and with His creation comes creepy crawlies