Tuesday, September 30, 2008

have your cake and eat it too... birthday bash!

here are some pictures from our STEYNE BIRTHDAY BASH:
JENNI 28 (9/24)
VICTORIA 16 (10/3)
ABI 15 (10/11)
since everyone's birthday are so close... and two sets of sibling groups... we thought we would just have a big birthday bash! it was huge... i didnt realize the family is so big... 40 people all realated... and ironically about 1/3 of the family is spread across the world!

understand one thing... chris DOES NOT EAT any type of batter or cookie dough... but look what i caught him doing... tasting the cake batter!

now i on the other hand LOVE batter and dough probably more than the finished product!

6 whole carrots = 3 cups shredded finely = lots of love for a carrot cake!

i made Jenni a carrot cake with cream cheese icing

i made chris a milk chocolate cake with cream cheese icing

i made abi white cupcakes with dark chocolate icing

here is my finished work... dont mind the sloppy letters... i iced and decorated the cakes while holding eli... so if you look at it from that point of view... i think i managed to do pretty well! oh and the two big batches of vanilla and mint chocolate chip ice cream are not in the picture, but oh so tasty!

victoria wanted a chocolate chip cookie cake... i didnt make this one


EnglishProf said...

a BIG thank you from part of the family spread around the world! i was sorry i couldn't be there Saturday (long drive across the Atlantic, you know)and talked to Mom and Dad that day at noon, before everyone arrived. actually got to sing happy birthday to Jen for the first time in 18 years. but i'm so glad you guys had such a good time and i'm so grateful to you, Keely, for putting these pics online. a part of home... grace for your year, Chris! love you! come visit!