Wednesday, September 17, 2008

creation... reading

as you can see i am trying to take on the huge task of being a mama to an adventurous little boy who is so curious about EVERYTHING... which i absolutely love. it is truly amazing how much i can see his masculinity shining through his little body and i am beginning to see what makes him tick and what he enjoys. he most definitely LOVES being outside... so here is what we found in whats left of our tomato plants

the last two days have been wet, dreary, overcast days... it reminds me of rainy season in africa... minus the vast amounts of mud... but the somewhat depressing days. they are the kind of days that make you want to stay in your pj's all day and cuddle up and read a good book... or for me catch up on all of my blog reading & writing.

a leaf fell onto our skylight and has been eli's focal point ever since... he made sure to show dada when he got home, talked about it until it got dark and looked for it this morning... (since i just said its really dreary outside i obviously made the first picture look pretty)

eli loves reading blogs with me... his favorite song is the song by david crowder "all that i can say"... i first heard it on bring on the rain then added it to my playlist as well as other friends i have found from angie's blog...

its also one of the songs i sing to eli at bedtime... and he sings along no matter if he is on the brink of lala land with his eyes shut

you cant tell that he is singing... but i assure you he is in this sweet sounding little boy voice... no im not bias!