Monday, September 29, 2008

playin with the pup pups

Bono, you better get down from there or mama is going to get mad! crazy dog

Mama doesn't like me feeding the dogs... but she can't help but laugh when I start rolling with laughter! I was pretending to give Bono Cheerios, but then would eat them myself... but I was laughing so hard Cheerios were falling out of my mouth and those Bono snatched up quickly! It was a wonderful cycle of laughter

Mama walked into the kitchen and left Blair and I in the dining room... when the cat is away the mice will play... so maybe I just gave her a couple... mama just happen to catch me in the act!

Mama and I were getting ready for Bible study when we found Bono fast asleep in my silly dog knows how to smile


Meme said...

How could you get mad at precious Bono when he make Eli laugh so much. Great photos.