Thursday, December 10, 2009

out for drinks...edited just for you!

tonight i had a girls night out for drinks... but our drink of choice was our beloved coffee craving! due to the coffee craving... im still wired and its 1 am.... im looking at 4-5 hours of sleep now... ahh what have i done? not only did we relish in our coffee and cookie cravings, but also in a deep desire for conversation! we all enjoyed the fun friendly fellowship. i think it goes without saying that we all are in agreement with my next statement... let me start by saying that we all LOVE, ADORE, and ARE SO THANKFUL FOR BEING STAY AT HOME MAMAS but sometimes we just need a break to be able to hold a conversation without being interrupted without a tantrum, potty break, snack time, boo-boo, feeding, screaming, or just plain ole playing. it was fabulous to just catch up. ironically we sat in barnes and noble on the floor in the children's section... but it brought back memories of our ciu college days!

note one more thing that feels like college... the fact that i only got 3 1/2 hours of sleep due to the caffeine keeping me up and the little men waking me up! oh the joys of motherhood