Tuesday, December 29, 2009

making memories

Levi's 1st Christmas was memorable to say the least!

here are some pictures of my sweet boys (please dont mind the grainy pictures as my camera was set on some funky setting and would not be swayed from it despite my constant pressing of the correct button... ugh just made the morning a tad bit more frustrating)

a little recap... the boys started getting sick on the 21st and i took them to the pediatrician on Christmas Eve just to be sure and sure enough Levi was wheezing so he was put on a steroid and on a steroid breathing treatment and i was told to just watch Eli to be sure he didnt start wheezing too (in case you forgot he was not breathing when he was born and then got rsv as a 7 week old so his respiratory system is not the greatest and it will take a few years before his lungs will be able to fight respiratory infections off well). so come the bedtime on Christmas Eve i should have taken Levi to the hospital, but selfishly we didnt want to interrupt Christmas with a two year old so we held off, but come the morning it was evident that Levi needed more than just the breathing treatment... so off to the ER we went, but after we opened our presents and i quickly threw together the remains of all the side dishes and dessert i was to take to the inlaws with instructions for Chris as to finish making them. Levi was diagnosed with pneumonia and given antibiotics and after a few hours sent on our way... so we made it to the inlaws for Christmas lunch. only to be back in the hospital come sunday as Levi had not eaten and was only producing 1 wet diaper a day so he needed an iv. and was then diagnosed with rsv. and after a few hours and into the evening we were released once again. thank goodness Meme & Babu (my parents) were here to play with all of Eli's new Christmas presents. yesterday we went back to the pediatricians office and the boys were put on some different and stronger medicines and both on breathing treatments through the winter months.



Tori said...

I absolutely love the pictures of Eli with the Monkey Bread and Levi sitting on the hospital bed. < 3