Monday, December 21, 2009


Believe from Harmony of Hearts on Vimeo.

Raindrops falling down
Heavens tears scattered all around
You can hear the sound
Shaky teenage voice
Mother forced to make the choice
There is so much noise

Look around and see them dying
And few of us are even trying
To take a drop of paradise
To quench a thirst
Save a life
Listen close you will faintly hear
The sound rings out everywhere
A cry for hope a cry for peace
A people desperate to believe

A starving little soul
Hunger pangs begin to take their toll
He’s 8 years old
I’m comfortable in bed
Echoing my head the words you said
The words you said


cfb said...

Thanks for the post.

A DVD of this video footage is available for free to church worship leaders wanting to perform the song for worship or missions service.

Please contact me ( and ask for your free preview packet.

Anonymous said...

It's very good <3