Thursday, May 05, 2011

smarty pants

Eli is really too smart for his own good... here are a few examples of conversations lately:

this song was on the radio, in the first 2 seconds of the song, he said: "when will the kids sing? mama can you put it on a cd so i can listen to it on my radio over and over again. i really like it! are those girls from africa? they have pretty voices!"

two nights ago while i was making dinner he sat at the table with a lowes weekly circular and out of the blue he said: "mama i need to talk to the plant man, because i need to show him how to put the gardenias in my new house. they are my favorite. can we get one of those mats so i dont make dirt come in the house? (he knows that when we go to columbia next week that we are going to map out our garden for Uncle Ty to help plant and meet with the landscaper friend of Chris' to choose what plants we want to buy... hoping for climbing jasmine, gardenias, hydrangeas, calla lillie's, & azaleas)

oh there are more... why cant i think of them... ill probably be back to add more later