Tuesday, May 03, 2011

26 weeks

26 weeks, i breath a slight sigh of relief. i have made it to the "viable" nicu age. not that in any means i wish this upon my family, but at least i know that from now on, every single day counts towards making my baby, bigger, stronger, healthier, and more ready than the last to have a chance to live outside of my stomach, due to technology being so readily available, in our beyond blessed country.
reality kinda hit me the other day, 26 weeks = 10 weeks from when i delivered Levi and 11 weeks til i delivered Eli. i still have so much to do... aka MOVE and in some way or shape get us out of boxes before this little one is welcomed into this world. so all you friends who have said you want to help... believe me i will be calling each one of you for favors in the coming weeks... helping me unpack, watching my kids, or just grabbing a cup of coffee to retain my sanity. ahhh so T-10ish weeks is pretty much reality!
to answer the question in how am i feeling...
i had two really great weeks, few contractions and much more energized and less throwing up... but back to reality, back to contractions, throwing up, feeling utterly wiped out at all times of the day, gallbladder issues, acid reflux, a hernia, you name it... pretty much a complication. i go back to the dr next week for my glucose test and for an ultrasound to check the baby's kidney and ureter that are not functioning properly.
as in housing news... hardwood floors are nearly finished, cabinets and appliances get delivered tomorrow and installed this weekend, tile in the bathrooms gets installed this weekend, first coat of paint are on the walls, security system is installed... 4 weeks til closing!
truth be told, i had a little panic attack, not really but sorta when i realized it was already may... because my baby is turning 2 in the matter of days! sweet little cuddle bug is now nearly fully potty learned and gonna be 2!


Tracy said...

count me in! Even if I need to bring the kiddos if still sans hubby -- my big boys are great with keeping little ones entertained.

lizzielou said...

Just read your comment on A Place called Simplicity, and Oh my!....Praying for you!