Saturday, April 30, 2011


tears flow freely tonight...

after spending the day going through old family boxes, crossing paths with memories, going through stuff from all the different cultural expriences i was priveledged to have journeyed have flooded my heart.

i MISS my older brother, Solomon! he is from Kenya, but was one of my parent's students when we lived in South Africa. i wish we did not live worlds apart. i wish plane tickets were not so expenisive. i wish our boys could be best of cousins! i, myself, have only met his oldest, Gideon. oh what a precious little boy he was, lets see he should be about 9 1/2 (he was about 18 months when i last saw him).

maybe i read too many blogs about africa. but that really doesnt change the way i think or feel. something related to my heartbeat for africa is tugged on many times a day.

while looking through different artifacts, wooden shoes, wooden pillows, bow and arrows, beaded jewlery, pictures, my heart ached.

here is a little conversation from today:
i sighed and eli asked what is wrong mommy?
i told him i missed africa, to which he sighed too, and said i miss africa so bad! hey mommy, look at that plane, is it going to africa? can we go to africa?

if nothing else, in theory, my kids LOVE Africa.

this week we have grown to love the local public library, to which i let them pick out a few construction or animal books, but then i get books about other cultures so they grow up with a multi-cultural worldview verses the selfcentered american bubble culture.


Morgan said...

You don't know me, but I found your blog through a mutual friend. I have really connected with this post, as I have had the same longings for another country. It may be a bit weird, but I wondered if we could chat over email sometime. Blessings to you and your family, and new addition!

babysteps 2 where we want 2 be said...

Amanda, It is not letting me link to your name... so feel free to email me if you see this at