Saturday, April 30, 2011

Levi's Jelly Beans

so i started to panic a little... Levi was not potty trained nor did he have much interest. the interest grew to wanting to wear underwear, but many accidents. so i brought the bribing on strong along with verbal compliments. my mom bought him a HUGE jar of jelly beans which are far better than m&m's cause they dont melt so i can even take them in my purse. i even made the comment to my friend Merrie Jo that it was going to be much harder with him than it was with Eli. then the next day it snapped... and he got it! this week we have had no accidents, even while running errands, and during naps :-) the other day i forgot i laid him down without a diaper on and very much unlike him he slept over 3 hours... DRY! he has a bout a 25% chance of being dry all night too! i am so proud of my little guy who is growing up all too fast!!! he makes the cutest face after he goes to the bathroom, which 9 times out of 10 he tells me he has to go, TREAT mama? and then kisses me as if thats supposed to help him get a treat! MELT.MY.HEART.