Thursday, March 10, 2011

view from here

last week i was blessed with a check for far more than i ever imagined and while talking with a friend i asked if i should return the money or if i should count it as God's little blessing. after praying about it i concluded that He was in control and was providing in ways i never dreamed.

fast forward to this week... while researching about the 17p injection to help prevent from having a preemie due to my history of preterm labor and already having had contractions this go around for over a month i randomly put the question out on a mommy forum that i sporadically read. i cant stop thanking Jesus and the ladies who had quick responses... evidently due to some pharmaceutical changes only one company will be allowed to compound the drug starting at the end of the month which is spiking the cost from $15 a shot to $1500 a shot and most insurance companies will no longer be covering the cost. after a couple of phone calls to my ob office and talking with two nurses and two doctors and three pharmacies i have my prescription for ALL 17 doses.

back to the blessing in the form of cash... the amount "extra" was exactly the amount i needed to pay for my shots today! the Lord knew exactly what He was doing even well before i had any clue.

the view from here... mid-contraction