Tuesday, March 15, 2011

my champ!

while on a walk we ran into an old friend who lives down the street from my parents... its the pastor who my dad works with daughter. we were catching up while my kids played in her yard, and Mr Eli slipped and fell on the metal electrical hub sticking out of the ground. he split his chin. now let me preface the story...

the said friend is about 10 years older than me, so we have never been close friends. i just met her husband for the first time and finding out that he is a Dr asked if he could give me my weekly p17 injections, and to top off our introduction he got to bandage my little one up.

on the flip side his numbing medicine was amazing for Eli. surprisingly my child who does NOT do band aids and freaks out at the sight of blood was pretty calm. they helped us walk Blair back to the house and clean up the boys before sending us to the emergency room. thankfully we were met there by my parents... Babu took Levi on walks, ate snacks, and talked to the paramedics, while Meme and i kept Eli occupied.

They celebrated st patricks day down here on Sunday, so the tiny hospital was hoping with an incarcerated man who swallowed drugs, a girl who was 33 weeks who delivered, 7 ambulances, and all rooms were occupied, so our measly 5 stitches were on the bottom of the totem poll during the shift change of course!

here is Eli while we waited to be seen (numbing medicine worked great)

waiting patiently in our room

getting more numbing medicine

waiting with numbing medicine on his chin

after the stitches aka his awesome whiskers!

by the GRACE of God Eli sat perfectly still the entire time he was being stitched up! now remember this child takes after the Steyne men who do NOT know how to sit still to save their lives~


Brad and Tara said...

Glad that Eli ended up OK!! I like his shirt too!!

babysteps 2 where we want 2 be said...

Tara no worries we were SUPER careful not to get blood on his favorite shirt! they wore them to church too that morning! seriously whenever they are clean in their drawers the boys wear them so depending on how often i do laundry... once or twice a week :-) they love their baby cousin!