Monday, March 28, 2011

20 weeks

so im a week late... but here are. the ultrasound pictures are terrible due to the fact that stubborn little steyne decided to be laying with his/her feet above their head and squirming all over the place while positioned transverse (sideways) in utero (which is the most favorite position of this little one... never head down always breech or transverse). there is a potential problem called "prenatal hydronephrosis" which refers to dilation of the renal collecting system. The collecting system is the structure that collects urine directly from the kidney tissue and routes it by way of the ureter to the bladder. we are told not to worry too much as there is nothing that can be done til after the baby is born, it is pretty common, and although it runs in the family, there is not anything we can do and He is in control, so we wait... but we at least get another ultra sound out of the deal. hopefully the little one will cooperate and give us a cute picture!


kristin said...

i LOVE the pics!!