Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Thursday

this week has been very stressful and overwhelming. my life lately feels like im wondering in the desert with no end in sight.

Wrecking Ball by Jill Philips
Just when my tears were falling deep enough to drown
Down in the valley of the shadow of a doubt
When I gave up that's when He came to lift me out and set me high
When I saw it as a gift of matchless worth
I started thinking it was something I deserved
He pulled the rug from underneath without a word and left me dry
Piece together these little mysteries
It isn't hard to see the writing on the wall
Triumph and tragedy, only God can be
Both the builder and the wrecking ball
He gave them freedom and a fertile promise land
They took for granted their deliverance at hand
Thirty-nine years later they're still walking through that sand
Wondering why
And He builds it up
And He knocks it down
Just to build it up even stronger

in the midst of my week that broke me down to puddles of tears, frustration, and fear, He built me up with peace and encouragement today...

1) peace having to go to a different ob dr

2) my dr had his office manager send a formal request to keep me in the practice even though they are not taking my insurance (it would be a 3 month extension to their current contract)

3) city hall approved our house... footings start monday (they only made us change two very small things)

4) Chris has a place to stay, an entire house to himself, rent free

5) perspective... my kids are healthy, active, growing, at home with me

prayer request... my perspective was rocked today as a dear friend, my former English teacher, is facing a much more challenging week... preparing for the mission field, support raised, in pre-field training, they were sent home early due to their little girl being sick... come to find out she is really really sick... at 7 months old she was diagnosed with leukemia on monday and started chemo today. please pray for Georgia and her whole family as they walk out this journey. i pray for healing, quick recovery, and that the Lord uses this trial for His glory.