Saturday, February 26, 2011

spud vs tater tot?

so last week was avocado and this week potato... need i say more? the only two things i have craved have been summed up in week 16 & 17 and look at the combination i found: hmm i might just have to try this combination!!!

6 1/2 inches long from head to rump and 5ish oz.

so the nicknames this week are spud and tater-tot.

Eli's comment today as i took a picture to send Chris "Mama you need new car SOON, that baby is getting BIG" he knows we are going to get a new van... and im not going to rage against the mini-van, im embracing my love for being a mother. dont worrry one day you will understand (you know who you are)! but we just cant buy the van until we close on our house. he is convienced we are gettin a sienna from jim hudson toyota and reminds me every time we drive by.

17 weeks down 19-21 more weeks to go... almost half way! wooohoo

how do i feel?
- i still throw up, but i dont mind hugging the toilet because it is a reminder that the baby is still healthy. so i dont complain
- i have already for a few weeks started having contractions
- my scatia nerve hurts pretty bad
- my belly is HUGE and officially is ITCHY

how do i feel outside of pregnancy... thats a whole nother post of my insane 2 weeks of nannying, moving, and house parenting all back to back!!!


Tracy said...

put that shea butter on that belly!!! So glad to hear you are still hugging the toilet.... I think.

but now the guacamole potato, you're starting to scare me...

Tom & Felicia Simpson said...

Hopefully when everyone is in school things will calm down. I love you and thank you for working for daddy and me. Please don't kill yourself with the cleaning of the house. I am not the least bit worried about it. I can clean it when I get back. Love the potato and guacamole idea. Think I just may have to try it. Hugs & kisses to you, Eli, Levi & Sweet Cakes oh I should not forget Bono too

a&p said...

how long do you throw up during your pregnancies? i think my nausea subsided around 16 or 17 weeks, so i hope yours is almost done. i thought that was one of the worst parts of pregnancy...that and traveling in my first trimester and spending the whole trip hugging the airplane toilet. enjoy your avocados and potatoes :)