Wednesday, February 09, 2011


so life is crazy... my birthday is at the end of the month and right amidst me nannying the week leading up to our move. with packing needing to be done and ingredients still sitting on my shelves and being pregnant and craving chocolate i decided to make my birthday cake early. ironically on sunday i was in walmart for way too long and forgot powdered sugar... key ingredient to buttercream (with a touch of cream cheese) icing so i froze the cakes.

today i acted like a big girl, didnt boo hoo too much to my dr, whom i have grown to trust for the last 9 years due to the many complications and times i have seen him, not to mention that he was the hands that God used to saved Eli's life (in one of the worst deliveries). but with his help, i have chosen another dr in another practice.

i also faced a huge emotional hurdle today by visiting my baby nephew, Timothy, in the hospital. challenging, difficult, heart-wrenching, overwhelming, personally sad because Jeb's due date was just around the corner as our due dates were less than 2 weeks apart. obviously he is precious and cute and tiny and a little bundle of joy, but there is a real part of my heart that still aches, still hurts, still misses my baby... and being pregnant doesnt take those feelings away, although im super excited about my new baby.

i have been an emotional basket case to say the least this week... today i had much more peace and i appreciate all of your prayers and words of encouragement. because i faced today with a different attitude, i treated myself to my birthday cake. pulled it out of the freezer, made the icing, with the help of 4 little hands tried to cover up the pieces of cake they ate and the holes they put in the icing.

a few days ago we painted my best childhood friend of 22 years and counting birthday cards to be sent to africa along with a couple presents. i dont recall mentioning that Rachel's birthday is the same day as mine, but tonight when i pulled out the cake Eli kept calling it Rachel Ray's cake and said that his favorite baby Eli and Ellie needed to taste it too... he was so persistent that we lit candles and sang to Rachel Ray... so since im celebrating all month, my dearest friend i love you and want to celebrate your birthday all month too!

dont laugh too hard at our horrible singing voices... this shows love that chris and i are publicly singing.


EnglishProf said...

dearheart, praying for you. new going to see timmy would be hard.
how'd Nana do?
and the cake for Rachel Ray is wonderful! Steynes have never been able to sing on key so she should be honored by the authentic rendition :)