Saturday, October 02, 2010


something that i appreciate in kenyan culture is how everyone came together to help each other out in times of need, whether that was a hospital bill, getting married, a new baby, etc. i experienced the reality of carrying each others burdens. a harambee means "all joined together" in swahili and it could be an informal get together or an event that carried over for a few days. my mom jokingly said that we should pass a basket at Chris and Eli's birthday... to fund raise african style, since africa is where we are desiring to go.

i am really having a hard time. chris is the one who came up with the idea of taking a family missions trip to africa to see where God might have us in the future and to serve Him in radical ways now. we are also wanting to adopt from africa and this would just spur on the desire to care for orphans.

i know that the Lord is in control, even when i feel like everything is spinning out of control
i know that He would not have closed many many many job opportunities for no reason
i know that His timing is perfect
i know that He is the Great Provider
i know that i have experienced many God ordained an orchestrated appointments this week
i know that my 5 years in waiting for this point and time is not in vain
i know that i can trust Him
i know that even in my sadness He is still good, all the time

our trip to africa for vision/direction/serving/loving/being faithful/encouragement/reuniting/friendship/obedience/worship/refreshment/renewed priorities/and many a more is on the line... we cannot financially front this deep desire and calling to go to africa all by ourselves. we made a decision to not put it on a credit card... so we do not have tickets, because we do not have enough support. i am still trusting, still waiting, still praying, still hoping, still dreaming of africa