Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Look for the New Year

So I decided that we needed a new look, new music (you are welcome, to the one who asked me to change my music, I hope Jill Phillips soft voice is better blaring out of your computer speakers), but the same type of stories and writings. Including Not Me! Monday's, I think I am going to start Wordless Wednesday's, I will continue to throw in quite a few articles or videos that have to do with other parts of the world, and as always share from my heart what God is doing in our lives or in others.

Since this is my "new" blog for the new year... I figured I would share a few of our New Years Resolutions with you:

1) Read the Bible together, from cover to cover. We chose to read out of The Message, but we keep a couple different resources next to us to look up some key events. We are close to being right on track.

2) More family time = less t.v. watching

3) We have been going to be earlier = much happier people with more sleep, but sometimes Eli likes to remind us what little sleep is all about. Like last night we were up from 4:30-5:20, but after I got him back to sleep I was wide awake until 6:45. Despite us being sound asleep on the couch the guys were super quiet as they got ready for work, so we could get a few extra zzzz!

4) My goal is to be more organized = using coupons like crazy (hey make fun of me all you want, but I have already saved $70 and only spent about $100), cleaning out closets, junk drawers, bedrooms, etc.

So Enjoy... as the year has already begun!