Saturday, October 18, 2008

there is a PUMPKIN in MY oven!

This is a VERY early ultra sound so please dont try to tell me that my baby looks like an alien, dinasour, or some other odd shapped object... look at how cute his/her big brother is... the baby is only the size of a grain of rice in this u/s (6 weeks)

well as we say it around here... im baking a little Pumpkin in my oven. we have chosen to not share this with everyone until i reached a little milestone of 7+ weeks... we are by no means out of the "danger" zone, but when i make it to 8 weeks (wed) is when ill feel out of the woods as that will be past the mark of my previous 3 miscarriages. the reason we are telling you now is partially because i am already showing, but most importantly because we covet your prayers for our tiny baby. i have been on progesterone for a month, to help make this baby "stick" as they call it because a low progesterone level is linked to miscarriages and nursing eli makes my progesterone count a bit lower. so for precaution my dr suggested that i go on it as soon as i got a positive pregnancy test. we have known "officially" since 9-22 (talk about an early birthday present for chris and finding out we were pregnant with eli was my early birthday present) but unofficially i have known since sept 17th. i guess 5 pregnancies in 2 years... im a pretty good judge of my body.

some of you may not know my "history", but i miscarried 12/06, 2/08, 5/08. we have already decided that if this little Pumpkin is not able to be held in our arms, that we will start pursuing the adoption option. if this is news to you... then you dont know me very well because adopting children from around the world has been on my heart since i was a little girl. no matter what, we plan on adopting at some point in time anyways. we are just waiting for His timing... as you know its not the cheapest option.

please keep us ALL in your prayers! we go back to the dr on 11/11 but as of thursday there was a STRONG heartbeat!


Julie said...

Congrats on this new life! Praying for you and baby ...

stackfamily said...

Keely, thank you for sharing. You and the little one are in our prayers.