Sunday, October 12, 2008

Birthday Boy

i started the family tradition of getting to lick the beater... yes i know it has raw egg in it... but i didnt give him much... we all grew up licking the beater!

when eli woke up we gave him his first tonka truck... partially to keep him distracted as we were cleaning up the house and getting ready for the party.

john deere birthday party... there were 45 people at our house... we are so thankful that it did not rain!

michelle iced the cake for me... i would not have had the patience to do it!

thats our little daddy's boy... he did not want to get dirty (well maybe he gets it from both of us... i wouldnt go in the snow when i was little cause i didnt want to get my white snow boots dirty)

sunny encouraged and bribed eli to get dirty!

looks like she did a good job!

maybe too good of a job, because he ended up throwing cake at her!

all of the little kids helped open the presents...

eli caught on pretty fast and did a great job opening some of them himself

you cant have a birthday without a kiss... i guess they wont make it to sweet 16 and never been kissed!