Friday, December 03, 2010

Thanksgiving Trip

So i was crazy and drove up to Illinois with the boys... 12 hours through the night to surprised all of my relatives. call me crazy but im so glad i was able to have some quality time with my grandmothers, cousins, and a dear friend from kenya. im waiting on more pictures from my cousin... she got an early christmas present of a nikon rebel so she was the photographer! Update: as i was writing this post, tara happened to be updating her blog too with pictures! thanks. the shirts we are all wearing are to support her adoption journey!
yet again levi was not quite photogenic with the grandmothers!


EnglishProf said...

i LOVE the last picture :)

Brad and Tara said...

Sorry it took a week to get you the pictures!! Glad you were able to add them to the blog. I sent more today. It was soooo good to see you! love ya!!