Monday, December 20, 2010

Jesus vs santa

everyone everywhere keeps asking "what do you want from santa" its about to drive me CrAzY! eli does not even know how to respond... but for me and my house we will not be celebrating santa now or ever. so i apologize in advance if my child so kindly tells your child that there is no santa. the reasons why we will not ever believe in santa: he NOR presents are the reason for the season despite what the world says. so for us we choose to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. also i am not going to get into the practice of lying to my children, because it is wrong, but also because one lie leads to another which leads to another... and i dont want this to backfire with the conversation of well mom you lied to me about santa, what else have you lied about, Jesus? im not a scrooge, after eli loving the movie avin and the chipmunks he has had an obsession with cutting down a christmas tree. so we found a cute little farm in newberry and chose the largest tree chris or i have ever had in all our years. here are a few pictures from our adventure (please disregard my blurry pictures as my camera is going back to nikon for the 5th time!)