Thursday, November 04, 2010

thankful tree

so a fellow blogger posted this thankful tree... im not even going to begin to believe that im as artistic but i loved the concept so i tried my best to make our family a thankful tree. for every day we will all say one thing that we are thankful for... so far on the list are:
each other by name
Rachel Ray (my bff not the cooking star)
Eli & Ellie our sweet adored twins in Uganda that our heart aches for because we will not meet them, at least not right now (twice the chance has been taken away)
washing machine
parenthood (the show)
and many other great things

but most importantly the cross that Jesus took upon Himself for our sins

this is such a great reminder to stop each day and THANK Jesus for all He has done, is doing and will do for us instead of just praying for our needs and wants.

we love and miss you dearly sweet friend!


The Atkinsons said...

That's funny you made this. I work at a preschool and I literally JUST made one this week. I made the leaves out of the kids handprints though.. it turned out really cute! I love the way you did the branches though! =)