Thursday, November 11, 2010

Eli Conversations

K: Eli, please do not do that at the dinner table
E: Mama, please stop whining
E: Mama, you picked your nose and have a boogie man in your hair
K: Eli, I did not pick my nose. My hair is wet because i have gel in my hair so it stays curly
E: Brobro picked nose and put boogie man in your hair

E: what DAT is???
K: Eli, what IS THIS

(insert his middle school girl attitude)
E: Mama I WANT ALMONDS SOOOOOO BAD (note loud voice and after he ate 5 pancakes and 2 pieces of bacon)
K: Eli you just ate, you do not need any food (note normal tone and volum in my voice)
E: shhh mama you cant hear me, please may i have almonds please (in a whisper)

E: I like to eat Chit
Chit= chick for chick-fil-a


Jenni said...

I am in desperate need of some Eli Conversations...and soon too! Even better are Keely conversations...those are near and dear to my heart!

EnglishProf said...

i miss the boys. miss you too. can't believe E is growing up w/o me.
thanks for blog, Keely. your heart speaks you...