Tuesday, June 15, 2010


so first let me tell you that i am not a reader... i love the idea of being a reader... i wish i were a reader... i wish i had the time to be a reader... but thats just not me... probably has to do with the fact that i have a weird thing going on with my eyes that makes them work against each other instead of with each other so it makes it harder to read and takes much more focus which i just dont have when it comes to the evening after running around with two boys and all the stuff i do all day long...

all that to say i am really looking forward to next week of doing NOTHING but caring for nana and the boys... no cooking, no cleaning, no nothing just watching them down at the beach. im planning on taking a book and actually finishing it.

i have read tom davis' blog for quite some time and he just came out with a new book called PRICELESS i am very excited about reading his novels as they encompass the my deepest heartstrings: orphans, sex trafficking, the needy, the forgotten, and africa. if you would like the chance to win a copy of priceless visit kari gibson's my crazy adoption and simply love blog.