Tuesday, May 25, 2010


ok so i stated a while back as goal for this upcoming new years to spend more time reading... however i have fallen off the wagon... but partially because the time i "thought" i would be able to read, during the boys naps, has quickly been shaken. Eli evidently believes he is "too big" to nap, which in part is a good thing because now he sleeps better at night, whereas before it would take ages to get him to fall asleep and he would often wake up between 2-5 for hours on end wide awake. pretty sure the sleeping disorders going on between our two families have been compounded in his little body. taking the nap away has helped immensely. all that to say is my reading time is very limited... and maybe because i would like to be a reader much more than i actually am a reader it might not be the first thing i choose to do after a busy day.

so i figured i would give myself some homework for the summer:

RADICAL by David Platt (my new favorite pastor)

ADOPTED FOR LIFE by Russel D Moore

i know for some of you avid readers this seems like a menial task but for me who its an effort to sit down and read im starting with two and if i make it then i will add to the list... but i dont want to get overwhelmed with too much