Friday, May 21, 2010


so what is this world coming to???

7 year olds performing VERY provocative dancing to Beyonce's hit song, Single Ladies. Not only do these little girls "dancing" make me puke, their "uniform" is right out of some langerie store. it's no wonder so many guys struggle with pornography if this is considered acceptable, not to mention that this is along the lines of kiddie porn. this confirms the tug in my heart to adopt little girls to keep them from sex trafficing or selling their bodies in order to eat.

one of my favoritest (yes i know, not a real word) singer and songwriters came out of the closet as of recent... what a hot topic. makes me sad. God has used her so much in my life and one of the things i love about her music is that she is raw, real, and open... yet clearly not necessarily as honest as i once thought.

another artist who is also a worship leader at a well renoun church has had an affair on his wife. my heart breaks for their family as they now face the reprocussions and aftermath of this shocking news. makes me realize just how much more i need to pray for my own marriage an those around me who are in leadership roles.