Friday, October 30, 2009

zoo = 5 under 2

a friend of mine from high school, Julie needed to get some packing done for their move this weekend, so i borrowed her son for a fun adventure while she spent the time taking advantage of not having a little helper around. so a dear friend from church, Connie, and i took all of the little ones to the zoo. that would make three 2 year old boys, and two little precious babes who desperately attempted to not fall asleep as to not miss out on the toddler zoo action. it was rather quiet at the zoo, so we attempted to test their listening skills and obedience by not using strollers and we are proud to say we never lost them and the worst thing Eli and Judah did was walk/jump right through the puddles... but they are little boys and puddles were made just for them! here is proof that Judah, Eli, & Josiah were listening ever so sweetly


Julie said...

I love this! I meant to ask if you got any pics. Thanks again SO much for taking my boy ... he had a blast and I got a ton done! See you guys next week!