Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Birth-Day Miracle

Eli's birth was nothing short of a miracle. An emergency to say the least, no heartbeat, non responsive, blue and limp, but you would never know now!

After the trauma of giving birth (and if you don't know the story then you have NO idea that trauma is just saying it nicely) they drugged me up as if you can't tell from this picture!

Eli's first birthday! YES that cake batter has raw eggs in it... hey you only live once (Sarah i am not a bad mom i promise)

Sunny made him get dirty, as he had been eating it nicely with a fork, so Eli decided to have some fun and throw cake at her!

My has he grown up, from baby to boy, in the last year!

Eli knew just what to do, he sang the happy birthday song, and blew out his candles all on his own (very unlike Steyne tradition of fighting to see who can blow who's candles out... needless to say i don't like this tradition and i am glad i share my birthday with my brother-in-law, Brent, who does not blow my candles out... don't get any ideas for next year!)

Mr Hollywood, posing fro the camera! i just love this boy, i think we should keep him honey!

we are SO BLESSED to have been given the chance to be Eli's parents. He is such a joy to have around and his busy little personality is blooming more and more everyday!


EnglishProf said...

and thanks for sharing him with me for those 7 months. we've gotta do Skype!