Monday, August 24, 2009

Not MY child/nana/dog Monday

i have waited all day long for peace and quiet... and i finally get it and im too pooped to even write, because i fear that i will not even be able to establish a complete thought. so here you go for a few realities in my crazy life... but how could i miss a little laugh from my dear blogging friend MCKMAMA? so join in the fun and make sure you read

Eli did NOT wake up so quietly from his nap and get into a bunch of bathroom cleaner and pour a ton of conditioner all over the floor! what mom would be that slack as to not hear their child? NOT ME

Eli does NOT climb on top of the counter to play, despite me pulling, prying, time-outing, spanking, disciplining him!

to top off my busy morning of juggling Nana, Eli, Levi, and 52 loads of laundry this morning, i thought i would multi-task while Eli pooped in the potty i clipped his fingernails, however he really wanted the clippers so i handed them to him, yet they fell into the toilet. so yes i had to manuver them out before i could flush... Eli and i laughed in disbelief!

so i know many kids who have tried to eat butter, but how many of them get a fork out of the drawer to eat it? NOT my son

Levi has most certainly NOT become an AVID thumb-sucker... despite my constant nagging, little talks, and pulling it out! ugh still working on changing that!

i did NOT find Bono inside the trashcan as he was attempting to escape the porch

oh and while im at it... one more...

the other day after the carpets had been cleaned (next door) they had the overhead fan on (low i believe as i hardly noticed it) and Nana kept complaining that she was cold and this is how i found her!


The Traynums said...

Hahah....hilarious!! :)

Julie said...

Oh friend, this is hilarious! I'm so sorry about your crazy life ...

But I don't think you should stress about Levi sucking his thumb. I have heard thumb-suckers are the most content babies, and that definitely proved true for Judah!

EnglishProf said...

so glad you DIDN'T have such a good day :)

Jean Stockdale said...

I love the pictures you posted with your story. How funny to see the dog in the wastebasket! What a great post. Mothering is not for sissies is it? It is a tough gig. Thanks for sharing.

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