Wednesday, August 20, 2008

a minute to myself

in the passing days a spare minute has been hard to come by... hints only the picture updates. as you can see Eli is OFFICIALLY getting into EVERYTHING. he has begun the adventures of walking a few steps here and a few there and enjoys standing up for minutes at a time... its only a matter of a few days before he realizes that he can walk EVERYWHERE and thus get into trouble, i mean everything, faster!

i feel like i need to catch you up on our new adventures...

this upcoming week will be my first week working full time at the hospital... that means i will be working from 9pm-6am four nights a week (normally Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday)

Chris is still working like crazy. but he is also really plugging into our church by helping out with the sound/lights/tech stuff with the hopes of being able to play music at some point soon. our church, gateway baptist, is starting to go to three services in just a couple weeks so there will be more slots to fill and more opportunities to serve.

our lives have added a new adventure this week... our dear friends whom we moved to Charlotte for, have now moved back to Columbia as well, and are actually living with us. we are blessed to live in a huge 4 bedroom 2 bath house... so they get our 2 spare rooms and extra bathroom. their oldest son started school today which was a blessing as we just filled out all of the paper work this week. another blessing is the fact that the mom had an interview last night and started working in our school district this morning. please continue to pray for:
a job for the father
a preschool for the younger son
a temporary place for their dog
a place to live (don't worry we aren't kicking them out)

it has been so long since i have written anything that i'm having a hard time articulating all the words and thoughts in my head. until next time. thanks for your love, devotion, prayers, and words of wisdom~