Monday, June 09, 2008


about a week ago i was reading through a post on a mommy forum about adoption blogs as i am more convinced by the day that i want to pursue adopting some of our children from a third world country. the deal is i can have my african baby if chris can have his hispanic daughter... we will see where this goes and which countries we are led to pursue. as for now we are still praying and paying off debt so that it is even possible. after having a difficult pregnancy and delivery and three miscarriages i believe that the Lord has given me even more of a reason to follow the adoption route that He gave me a passion for long ago. i know that if this is from Him that He will make a way! so as i was reading through a random blog i found a post to pray for angie and her family and was encouraged to read her blog for more information on the loss of her child. so i clicked... and after spending over an hour and crying my little heart out i knew exactly why i was just randomly searching for adoption stories... God had purposed me to read about baby Audrey and to be challenged and encouraged to deal with the hurt and pain in my life so that my heart can begin to heal which is a step in the right direction. i never forward anything or refer to other blogs but this is well worth everyone to read. please take the time to be with Jesus, because He is speaking through Angie in the most real and raw ways!


Sarah said...

I have read her blog and I continue to read as she posts more. Her story has touched my heart and has actually lead me back to the type of relationship I knew I was suppose to have with Jesus. I will pray for you also with the guidance and peace and healing of your loss.
God bless!